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Our Webinars

Welcome to the Inspire Teaching & Learning Webinar Series

Join the Inspire Teaching & Learning webinar series to learn how teachers, schools, districts, and universities are using Inspire Teaching & Learning to enhance their teaching practice and build capacity.

The webinar series will share how Inspire Teaching & Learning can benefit your school, teacher education curriculum, and teacher agency. You’ll learn from Inspire schools and districts, and gain an overview of no-cost professional development resources available to enhance your teaching practice.

Learn how to join the more than 120,000 pre-service and in-service teacher engagements that are impacting more than 750,000 students.*

We will explore the newly expanded and enhanced library of on-demand modules delivering no-cost, high-quality professional development for teachers.

You will hear real-world experiences and scenarios so that you can put concepts into action right away. The format will be conversational with the opportunity for questions and answers.

Registration is required.